Welcome to my blog!  If you’re curious about the title, go here.  If you’re curious about my posts, here’s the goal.

Monday – I’ll post a reflection on the sermon from my church, Community Life. The purpose of this will be to push deeper into a topic covered on Sunday. There’s only so much you can cover in a 20 minute sermon, so my hope is to provide a next step for studying something from the sermon.  

Wednesday – My wife and I are currently enjoying the Ancient Christian Devotional. On Wednesday, I’ll be posting an interaction with something from that weeks readings. This resource is fantastic, and I highly recommend it. Hopefully my Wednesday posts can encourage you to purchase and use it. FYI, there are three, marked A, B, and C. Right now we’re on C, but we’ll be starting A around advent this year.

Friday – For Fridays I’m going to try to post something of a blend between academic and practical pieces.  So, for instance, in the immediate future I’ll be picking my Jonah series back up, using Fridays to publish my original translation of the book. When I’m done with that, I’ll probably work through another translation. Currently, I’ve translated all of Ruth, and about a third of Exodus. So I’ll probably start posting those once I’m done with Jonah.

If you’re curious about me, I am a husband to the most beautiful woman in the world, and father to the cutest boy and girl in the world. I have pictures to back it up.

I’m also a student of theology (among other things). I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts in Christian Thought at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – Charlotte.  My focus there has been the Patristic period, specifically looking at how they interpreted the Bible.  I’m returning to GCTS this Spring to pursue a Master of Arts in the Old Testament.  It’s my hope to eventually do PhD work on how the Old Testament has been interpreted through history.

I’m teach Theology, Biblical Studies, and World Religions at Ignite-Life Pacific College.

I know how to sing twinkle twinkle in Latin (thank you Mrs. Lambert). No that’s not relevant to anything on the planet, but…I think it’s cool.

I love studying scripture, but my real passion is helping other people understand its author. I hope to do that with this blog.  You can keep up with my posts by liking my Facebook page.  Also, check out my YouTube channel for sermons and lessons I’ve taught in church.

I also occasionally have a guest post over at my friends blog, Little Bit Funky, or at Patristics.co.

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