Watch your words!


Crystal’s artistic flair knows no bounds.  If you don’t believe me, go check out her blog.

I struggle with this.  Notice the bottom left corner: when words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise.  This is Proverbs 10:19.  I hate it.  Did you know that Facebook has a character limit on posts?  I do.


Exhibit A

Today’s sermon was challenging.  We’re all having a hard time with our speech.

For instance, I normally remain silent in political debates.  I do break that rule on occasion, but it’s still a rule I try to follow.  However, recent events compelled me to break this rule.  Well, it might be more accurate to say I shattered it.  Some of my posts are pushing the 100 comment mark.

I haven’t told anyone how to vote, but as I pointed out last week, there are a lot of Christians who are sweeping Donald Trump’s actions under the rug.  Vote for him if you want.  I’m not getting into that.  All I’m saying is that we can’t turn a blind eye to his words or actions about women.  Responses to this have varied, but here’s one of the more memorable ones:

wow, you sound like a modern day Pharisee. I mean if you truly are a Christian, than isn’t our entire faith based upon forgiveness, mercy and grace? Yet you judge a man that you do not even know based upon a controlled Babylonian media (run by the forces of darkness)?? Sad day. Sorry you feel this way. I would encourage you to return to your first love Jesus Christ my brother, because clearly there is a disconnect here. Anyone connected to the Holy Spirit right now understands the urgency of this late hour! I will be praying for you to have eyes and ears of understanding. God bless. I believe this post is God getting your attention man. It’s time to return to bring on fire for Him!

Now…this doesn’t particularly bother me, per se.  I’ve been insulted before, and I’m sure I’ll be insulted again.  So I’m not personally bothered.  But when did we lose the ability to have civil conversations with one another?  When did we lose the ability to disagree without being disagreeable?  Paul tells us that as far as it is possible, as far as it depends on us, we ought to be at peace with all people (Romans 12:18).  So when did that change to yelling, screaming, and insulting anyone who doesn’t share our viewpoint?

I regularly question whether it’s worth speaking up.  Is it worth saying anything?  Should I just keep to myself?  But each time I speak up, there’s a comment, or a private message thanking me, telling me that I’ve helped or encouraged them.

I’m not perfect, but today’s sermon encouraged me.  I’ve been careful.  I’ve responded with care and compassion as far as I know.  My Facebook page is public, though, so feel free to call me out if I’ve been out of line.  Hold me accountable.  Call me out on my failings.  I’m suggesting we do that for Trump.  It would be hypocritical to expect that I’m exempt from the same scrutiny.

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