You were created to do the impossible

No, this weeks reading is not from Joel Osteen.  🙂  This weeks opening prayer is from Augustine.

O Lord my God, my one hope, hear me, that weariness may not lessen my will to seek you, that I may seek your face ever more with eager heart.  Lord, give me strength to seek you, as you have made me to find you, and give me hope of finding you ever more and more.  My strength and my weakness are in your hands.  Preserve the one, and remedy the other…Let me remember you, understand you, love you.

There are all sorts of wonderful paradoxes in Christianity.  For instance, we are unlovable, and yet we are loved.  Also, God is unknowable, and yet we are meant to know him.  As Augustine said, you have made me to find you.  Elsewhere, in his 117th sermon, he says,

For if you comprehend it, it is not God. I would rather make a pious confession of ignorance, than a rash profession of knowledge. To reach to God in any measure by the mind, is a great blessedness; but to comprehend Him is altogether impossible. God is an object for the mind, He is to be understood; a body is for the eyes, it is to be seen. But do you think that you comprehend a body by seeing it?  It is not possible. For whatever you look at, you do not see the whole.

Think about that.  You were designed by God to be able to understand God.  Just as our eyes were created to perceive light, our mind was created to understand God.  And just as our eyes are incapable of fully perceiving something, our mind is incapable of fully perceiving God.  This is why heaven won’t get boring.  There’s no end to God’s self-revelation.  He can eternally reveal himself to you in ways you’ve never seen, and that will never get old.  He will never get old.  You were created for that experience.  Take some time today to enjoy it.

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